Visibly better detection: optical and spatial resolution of 3 to 8 mm

State of the art camera-based NIR technology

NIR (near infrared technology) refers to a spectrum in a range between 760 and 2500 nm that is invisible to humans. Typical patterns for materials based on molecular vibrations can be detected in this wavelength range after excitation with light.

Even the smallest differences in the chemical composition of the detected materials can be assessed, since the HSI technology deployed by STEINERT is able to observe these typical patterns at very fine resolutions. This has a very effective impact on many applications.

Your benefits:

  • High spectral resolution
  • High optical resolution
  • Self-developed technology

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The perfect solution for your requirement

UniSort PR EVO 5.0®

For sorting using NIR technology - detection of chemical composition (e.g. in plastics)

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UniSort Finealyse®

For sorting using NIR technology - detection of chemical composition (here in 3 - 25 mm bulk materials)

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UniSort Finealyse®+

Higher-performing version of its established UniSort Finealyse sensor sorting system with senor fusion

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UniSort Black

For sorting using NIR technology - detects black and dark objects

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UniSort BlackEye

For sorting using NIR technology - sorts black and dark materials by their type

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UniSort Film EVO 5.0®

For sorting light 2D objects using NIR technology

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UniSort Analyser®

For monitoring quality and material composition

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For sorting using colour, 3D and metal detection and detection in the near infrared (NIR) range

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