Rooted in the future

From the past to the future, that is our origin. This family business was founded in 1889 and has continued to evolve to this day.

Knowledge, development and innovation have been passed down, improved and adapted to economic and ecological sustainability. 

Spreading our roots in the world to help it with sophisticated magnet and state-of-the-art sensor technology for sorting primary and secondary raw materials. This way, we can promote a gentle approach to the environment and contribute to reducing climate-damaging influences and processing valuable materials in their purest form.

We support our local partners with subsidiaries in the USA, Australia, Latin America, and Germany, as well as with over 50 distribution partnerships. 

Through harmonious collaboration with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers, there are no obstacles to continuous development. This is also reflected in our own development department and our large test and development center. We secure innovations through collaboration with universities and institutes to continuously improve our technologies for our customers. Because our success is significantly dependent on the success of our customers. 

As our knowledge and technologies are also important for the future, we are happy to pass them on and support young people and students in their education and studies, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses. We see this as an ideal opportunity to combine science and practice, and we can also learn something from it. 

With training at Steinert, we want to help young people enter the professional world and offer them a future with us.

We would like to thank all customers, suppliers and cooperation partners for the great trust and collaboration that are essential components of our success and continue to accompany us on our journey. 

We are proud to be shareholders of this company and also thank all employees who contribute to our company's success. In the future, we will continue to be firmly rooted in Steinert.

Yours faithfully,

Klaus Buchholz      Denise Buchholz 
Partner                     Partner

Cologne, December 2023 

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