High iron extraction using rotary magnetic belt separators

Our various magnetic pulley types enable versatile application options and can rapidly be retrofitted into existing systems.

STEINERT rotary magnetic belt separators can be included as independent sorting units during system planning or they can be integrated as machine components into an existing conveyor belt in the form of a magnetic head pulley. This type of magnetic separator is also known as a rotary magnetic belt separator and is always used in traversing operation – for a high extraction of ferromagnetic materials. It is also possible to use stronger magnetic forces with this sorting machine to separate weakly magnetic materials like stainless steels.

The separation principle relies mainly on magnetic forces. These attract ferromagnetic materials to the pulley surface, whereas non-magnetic materials are routed to the discharge parabola depending on the conveyor belt's transport speed. Once the materials attracted to the underside of the head pulley by the magnetic field reach the end of the magnetic force field, they obey the laws of gravity again and fall into a discharge chute partitioned via a separating splitter.

Our high-performance rotary magnetic belt separators are often used to generate stainless steel concentrate with high intrinsic value. Although typical applications also include the protection of downstream sorting steps, such as eddy-current separation, or to protect downstream crushers such as cutting mills.

The extraction of weakly magnetic particles increases efficiency and improves wear protection during subsequent separation of non-ferrous metals using eddy current separators, or provides machine protection by increasing the service life of crushing tools.

Your benefits:

  • overfed/overflow operation
  • High extraction guaranteed
  • Magnetic head pulley available in various sizes as machine components with custom-made drive and bearing shafts.
  • Also available as a complete sorting machine

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