The STEINERT KSS | NR CLI sorting system combines modular multi-sensor systems including the NIR range

The solution for ever-changing material separation tasks: the STEINERT KSS | NR CLI sorting machine

This STEINERT sensor-based sorting system combines colour, 3D and metal detection with detection in the near infrared (NIR) range. The modular design allows combination of all four sensors, or only a partial combination.

The logical combination of multi-sensory data collected for each individual object enables a wide variety of tasks to be covered – by just one sorting machine. This combination is therefore mostly integrated as stand-alone solution within a processing concept. The sorting depth is thus effectively extended even for smaller mass flows. Customised equipment and program creation are mandatory. 

The combination of detection in the NIR range, by metal sensor or 3D detection provides significant advantages for the processing of complex waste mixtures, such as ASR or RDF.

The STEINERT KSS | NR CLI is a combination of:

C = colour detection
L = laser (3D detection)
I = inductive sensor
NIR = near infrared detection

Your benefits:

  • Increase in the sorting depth
  • Solution of different sorting tasks by an all-in-one machine
  • Variable positive and negative sorting
  • Can be used in online or batch mode
  • Customised sorting programmes



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Application areas

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Aluminium recycling

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