The eddy current separator STEINERT EddyC: the new standard

Use of the new belt changing concept to simplify maintenance work on the non-ferrous metal separator

The design of our new STEINERT EddyC combines things that have been tried and tested with innovation in the separation of non-ferrous metals. STEINERT also continues to rely on the established eccentrically mounted magnetic pole system with powerful neodymium-iron-boron magnets and robust construction of all machine elements in its eddy current separators.

The core features of the new STEINERT EddyC model series are a self-supporting frame construction allowing faster belt replacement, variable adjustment of the pole system's application point, optimised accessibility to and overview of the separation area and a fundamentally revised external design.

The conveyor belt can be replaced in just 10 minutes due to the self-supporting, C-shaped design. Further advantages: an additional hoist is no longer required and the machine side for belt replacement can be chosen at will.

Different versions of our non-ferrous metal separators are available within the standard STEINERT EddyC series depending on the intended use. For instance we offer you the type 5009 all-rounder for a medium grain size over 5 mm. On the other hand, the 5005 coarse pole system is advisable for the coarse grain range above 40 mm. Here the design of the magnet system is decisive for compelling selectivity and constantly high separation success. Selection of the correct magnet system enables you to achieve reliable sorting of non-ferrous metals even at high throughputs. We will be happy to advise you.

  • Eccentric non-ferrous metal separator following the STEINERT principle
  • Proven technology of the non-ferrous metal separators in a new design
  • Adapted magnetic pole systems available for various applications
  • Working widths: 500 – 2,500 mm

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