A new benchmark for sorting aluminium alloys

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High-precision sorting with UniSort Finealyse+

New development especially for the challenges of processing plastic and metal granulates

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Test STEINERT sorting machine locally

The South African test facility is available for beneficiation and preconcentration testing

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For a world where resources remain in circulation

Finding solutions for sorting tasks is our passion

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Aluminium sorting

Plastic sorting

Ore processing

Preserving Resources


Sorting technologies play an important role in preserving resources. We provide our customers with sorting systems, which solve sorting tasks and help to keep increasingly scarce resources in circulation.

We develop technology to identify resources and sort them according to relevance. To do this, we work with you, our customers, to evolve unexpected solutions. We are proud to supply you with leading search engines: quick to install and easy to use, they are your most direct route to increased recovery, purity and profitability.

Everyone benefits from this pursuit. The more successfully you operate your business, the more the planet benefits too. With every grain you put back into circulation, you are supporting the vision of a world where resources remain in circulation.


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Our sorting machines

Magnetic separation

Discover more about our sorting machines for recovering and separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Sensor sorting

Use sensor sorting systems to increase your depth of sorting. The technologies we provide include X-ray transmission, X-ray fluorescence and induction, near-infrared, colour and 3D sensors.

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Greater operational reliability and more sorting options in scrap and aluminium recycling with STEINERT XSS® T EVO 5.0

In situations, for example, where recovered, recycled aluminium is being used to produce new products, aluminium manufacturers need their secondary raw materials to display consistently high levels of purity. This is one of the challenges solved by sorting technology. For the new "EVO 5.0" generation of machines, STEINERT also provides a 4-year warranty on the x-ray source and x-ray sensors. What's more, customers also benefit from continuing software and hardware updates.

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Sorting non-ferrous metals and creating top qualities - right down to a 5 mm grain size

The recovery of non-ferrous metals using the STEINERT EddyC and the sorting of light and heavy metals in small grain sizes using the STEINERT XSS-T is nothing new. But what is new is the option of using X-ray fluorescence to economically separate ultra-pure products down to a fine grain of 5 mm and recover zinc, brass and copper in their purest form at this grain size. After separation, the qualities are pure enough to be ready to smelt.

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UniSort PR EVO 5.0 for the separation of household waste

Process household waste to perfection with sensor-assisted technology and efficiently recover valuable materials.

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UniSort Black for plastic concentrates

Market a product with assured quality. Cut combustion costs and return the valuable material to the recycling process. For collecting all plastics - especially dark-coloured plastics - and material from plastics waste products.

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UniSort BlackEye for black plastics

Effective sorting of dark objects by plastic type using HSI NIR technology helps turning plastic residues into new goods

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UniSort Film sorts sheet materials

The most important tasks in sorting today include achieving a high yield and the purity of the sheet packaging materials, most of which are made from polyethylene.

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STEINERT KSS for your ZORBA upgrade

Use the STEINERT KSS (combination sorting system) as a platform for various sensors - for 3D, colour and induction recognition. As a fourth sensor for the system, we also offer near-infrared, x-ray transmission or x-ray fluorescence sensors.

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Waste Recycling

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Metal Recycling

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| Metal Recycling

Innovative incineration bottom ash add-on for STEINERT non-ferrous metals separators

For almost four decades, STEINERT’s eddy current separators have formed the backbone of recycling plants the world over. A new upgrade increases…

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STEINERT acquires MSort product line

The Cologne-based sorting specialist STEINERT is further strengthening its market position. The company has established the new subsidiary, STEINERT…

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New product for the IFAT trade fair: high-precision sorting with UniSort Finealyse+

To meet the increasing demands encountered when sorting fine-grain bulk material, STEINERT is expanding its range of sensor sorting systems with the…


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