Sorting technologies play an important role in preserving resources. We provide our customers with sorting systems, which solve sorting tasks and help to keep increasingly scarce resources in circulation.

We develop technology to identify resources and sort them according to relevance. To do this, we work with you, our customers, to evolve unexpected solutions. We are proud to supply you with leading search engines: quick to install and easy to use, they are your most direct route to increased recovery, purity and profitability.

Everyone benefits from this persuit. The more successfully you operate your business, the more the planet benefits too. With every grain you put back into circulation, you are supporting the vision of a world where resources remain in circulation.

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Our sorting machines

Magnetic separation

Discover more about our sorting machines for recovering and separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Sensor sorting

Use sensor sorting systems to increase your depth of sorting. The technologies we provide include X-ray transmission, X-ray fluorescence and induction, near-infrared, colour and 3D sensors.

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A new benchmark for sorting aluminium alloys

The newly developed STEINERT PLASMAX | LIBS promises to sort three products in one run, undertake a novel multi-spot analysis and deliver purity…

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INSERPLASA faces the current challenges of plastics recycling with STEINERT's advanced sorting technology

From humble beginnings to a pioneer in Spain's plastics recycling sector, INSERPLASA's journey has been one of innovation, resilience and excellence.…

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Precision & Progress: SA Recycling's Path with STEINERT Sensor Sorting Technology

SA Recycling does not need any introduction in the recycling business. As one of USA’s biggest players in metal recycling, SA Recycling is omnipresent…

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Two expansions in three years – Metales Bolueta steps into the market leadership thanks to STEINERT technology

The recycled metals business has changed drastically in the last few years. There is more demand today for high-quality secondary raw materials, i.e.…

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