Innovative sensor systems for adaptive sorting solutions

Unparalleled sorting quality: STEINERT ISS®, STEINERT XSS® T EVO 5.0, STEINERT KSS, the STEINERT UniSort range

Sensor technology enables fully automated sorting of materials whose differences would otherwise only be representable using complex analyses. New methods of induction or x-ray technology offer ideal conditions for clean metal concentrates or valuable metal-free residues and for standards of efficiency. STEINERT sensor-based sorting systems are always used when the sorting depth is to be extended and conventional separation techniques are no longer effective.

Our latest sensor-based sorters use all the material properties by means of which sensory detection methods can be used to create a unique classification. Each individual part delivered to a sensor-based sorting machine is identified, classified and separated if necessary. The actual separation involves the object to be sorted being deflected out of its trajectory into the discharge using a directed jet of compressed air and lifted out of the material stream and over a splitter blade. Depending on the system, there is the option to deflect the material from its original trajectory from above or beneath. Various valve manifolds are available according to the grain size range and material requirements.

We at STEINERT offer you a wide range of options available for sensory detection including NIR, induction, x-ray transmission, x-ray fluorescence, 3D detection, laser characteristics, colour and different combinations of these technologies. The model range here results from the decisive sensor technology, such as induction in the STEINERT ISS® induction sorting system, x-ray technology in the STEINERT XSS® T EVO 5.0 or a combination of several sensors in our STEINERT KSS combination sensor sorting system.

Your benefits:

  • Increase in the sorting depth
  • Innovative sorting technologies
  • Adaptation to changing tasks
  • Model range: STEINERT ISS®, STEINERT XSS® T EVO 5.0, STEINERT KSS, the STEINERT UniSort range


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