Day after day our customers and partners fight to ensure that the world does not run out of resources. With a sense of responsibility, courage and entrepreneurial spirit, they are working on the future of the circular economy.

We are proud to support our customers in this mission as a friend and know-how partner and to provide them with cutting-edge technologies that will help them make significant progress.

The road to the global Circular Economy is not an easy one. From the responsible extraction of primary raw materials to political restrictions and technological hurdles, there are gigantic obstacles to overcome.

No one can manage this path alone. It is a path that requires trust and cooperation. A path where everyone must see themselves as part of the whole. Together we can push the boundaries of the possible and produce secondary raw material with supreme quality.

We are fully aware of this responsibility and contribute all our knowledge and skills. Our special talent lies in searching, finding and sorting resources.

This was in 1889, when our founder, Ferdinand Steinert, first used the magnetism known for centuries to recover iron from steel slag and debris.

It was when STEINERT questioned the centric system for recovering non-ferrous metals and revolutionised the industry with the eccentric non-ferrous separator.

It was the first time we helped our customers achieve unimagined success with a combination of the latest sensor technologies. This technologies recover secondary raw materials that would have been lost before.

And it is true today, when we go beyond the tried and tested processes and explore new perspectives and understand resources as data that we collect with the help of our systems and make available for recycling.

This use of mature magnetic technologies on the one hand, and the data-based view of primary and secondary raw materials on the other, enable unprecedented progress in the search for and sorting of resources. Above all, it enables our customers to make new breakthroughs on the way to a highly profitable circular economy.


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