Efficient separation of weakly magnetic materials using the STEINERT MSB and MSB HG rotary magnetic belt separators

Reduce wear levels of shredding machines or recover stainless steel during metal recovery using a magnetic separator

Our STEINERT MSB rotary magnetic belt separator includes a conveyor belt and a STEINERT BR magnetic head pulley. This is equipped with permanent magnets or electromagnetic coils to suit the field of application. Whilst the magnetic field at the head of the pulley remains constant, the sorting result is mainly determined by the speed of the circulating, frequency-controlled conveyor belt and the position of the separating splitter.

The rotary magnetic belt separator or magnetic separator is always used in traversing operation, thus achieving a high extraction of ferromagnetic materials. Subject to the selected magnet material, it is also possible to use this sorting machine to separate weakly magnetic materials such as stainless steels. Typical areas of use include, for example, separating ferrous commingled waste (e.g. fluff) or the finest grains from shredder residue (SHF/SLF) or from pre-shredded plastics.

The STEINERT MSB HG technical enhancement comprises very strong ring magnets with a deep field effect for recovering maximum yields of stainless steel. A high magnet density in a compact radial pole arrangement ensures an optimum combination of magnetic flux and magnetic force coupled with a high depth of field.

Common applications for the MSB HG are producing high-value stainless steel concentrate from what is known as shredder residue (SHF/SLF, ASR), light and heavy metal concentrates, shredded plastics (flakes and granulate), machine protection and boosting the efficiency of downstream shredding or sorting stages such as eddy current separating. The special machine design, options for adjustment and arrangement of magnets allow a whole range of bulk materials in grain sizes of 1-140 mm to be sorted.

The rotary magnetic belt separator is particularly well suited to work involving fine-grain, damp material flows because it can be fitted with a belt scraper. Also, the relatively high speed means that less dirt sticks to the surface.

Your benefits:

  • MSB and MSB HG = rapid magnetic separator belt
  • For use in wear protection for downstream processes, such as crushers or eddy current separators
  • Suitable for separating weakly magnetic impurities
  • Suitable for the recovering of stainless steel using strong permanent magnets
  • Permanent or electromagnetic
  • Working widths available from 300 to 2000 mm
  • Can be delivered in pulley diameters from 150 up to 640 mm

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Application areas

Shredder scrap

Our robust powerful STEINERT magnetic separation components perfectly complement your shredder installation by providing a valuable, decontaminated metal stream.

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