STEINERT SteelMaster

Use the STEINERT SteelMaster for purely physical separation of copper "meatballs"

Ballistic magnetic separation for removal of copper meatballs from heavy shredded scrap.

The STEINERT SteelMaster uses a combination of ballistic and magnetic effects to separate composites containing copper, so-called meatballs, from a heavy ferrous fraction. This sorting machine can be used to enrich copper coils with an iron core (copper meatballs) in a material flow. The purely physical basis of the separation principle means this technology provides a low-cost alternative or addition to a sensor-based sorting system with x-ray fluorescence.

The STEINERT SteelMaster is designed as an in-line system for scrap recycling plants, but can also be operated as a batch process. The STEINERT SteelMaster has working widths of 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m and is therefore exactly aligned to the requirements of the scrap-processing sector. The SteelMaster can for instance extract well over 90% of all copper meatballs from a material flow containing 70% to 80% ferrous metals with a low copper content.

You can use our STEINERT SteelMaster to separate over 90% of all copper meatballs and free copper wires from a flow of ferrous metal as it would be delivered from a classic magnetic drum after an end-of-life vehicle shredder. Its ballistic properties mean that around 30% of the material is separated, leaving around 70% of the input material as a very magnetic and mainly copper-free ferrous product that can be marketed accordingly.

The separated material flow of less magnetic parts contains metals with a high non-ferrous metal content, which are essentially copper or aluminium wrapped steel cores from the electric motor area as well as coarser ferrous parts. The customary manual sorting to remove copper from the ferrous product must in this case only check 30% of the ferrous flow, whereby efficiency can be significantly improved and/or the cost of sensor-based sorting in the further process is reduced in the machine dimensions. The copper content in this fraction can be up to 15% and thus contributes significantly to value creation from the shredder process.

Our STEINERT SteelMaster has evolved based on our many years of experience in the development and production of magnetic sorting systems. The adjustable electromagnets in the magnetic head pulley include ANOFOL products as conductor material for the solenoids. Anodised aluminium strip is used in production of the ANOFOL coils.

Your benefits:

  • Separation of meatballs based on purely physical separation characteristics
  • Cost-effective alternative to sensor-based sorting using x-ray fluorescence
  • Conveyor belt speed: 1 – 5 m/s
  • Working width: 1,500 mm, 2,000 mm
  • Throughput: up to 75 t/h per metre of working width subject to particle size and material composition

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Application areas

Shredder scrap

Our robust powerful STEINERT magnetic separation components perfectly complement your shredder installation by providing a valuable, decontaminated metal stream.

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E-scrap recycling

With its comprehensive portfolio of separation and sorting technologies, STEINERT offers the ideal conditions for the most complete possible recycling of recoverable secondary raw materials from e-scrap.

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