UniSort - a STEINERT UniSort GmbH brand

Within the STEINERT Group, Zittau-based STEINERT UniSort is responsible for developing and producing the UniSort products.

NIR-based sensor sorting systems have been produced under the name UniSort at the site in Zittau since the 1990s. Originally a spin-off to the construction of special machinery, today the UniSorts are the core business of STEINERT UniSort. 

Through the commitment of STEINERT GmbH in 2009, the UniSort products were integrated into STEINERT’s global sales and service network.

The UniSort name is synonymous with innovative products. The model change in 2012 to the UniSort PR saw the establishment of our new standard, a camera-based NIR system. This system, developed by STEINERT UniSort, marks a clear technological leap forwards in terms of the visual and also the spectral resolution of the NIR signals produced.

Using this innovative technology, we have also managed to tackle applications that were previously impossible to solve with NIR. UniSort Black was unveiled in 2014. This machine was able to reliably detect black objects by means of NIR and also to actively separate them from a flow of material – and to do so with only the aid of an NIR signal, i.e. no additional camera or laser technology.

The UniSort Film followed in 2015: this is an entire machine developed to sort lightweight 2D material, which is prone to flying.

As a consequence of UniSort Black, 2016 saw the introduction of UniSort BlackEye. This further development enabled different types of black plastics to also be separated.

STEINERT UniSort today:
Taking account of the major growth experienced over the last few years and in preparation for future work, capacities in Zittau have been increased significantly. A young team and connections to the construction of special machinery are also helping us to think outside the box for the future and to continue developing innovative products for our customers under the UniSort name.

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