Separate magnetic, fine-grained particles in a wet medium – using STEINERT wet drum magnetic separators

Powerful in deployment: wet operating magnetic drum and matrix separators

Our STEINERT wet drum magnetic separators are used in the fine grain range from 1 µm up to 3000 µm (0.001 mm – 3 mm) to separate magnetic particles from process liquids, sludges or emulsions. Their strong magnetic fields enable the efficient separation of magnetite or ferrosilicon from the wet medium.

The applications range from processing heavy solutions from flotation or sink/float separation, iron ore beneficiation through to the cleaning of process water from degreasing baths or coolants. The processing objective here can be both the recovery of valuable iron particles and the avoidance of disruptive iron particles, e.g. upstream of membrane or ultra-filtration.

Your benefits:

  • Wet magnetic separation
  • Fine grain range from 1 µm to 3000 µm
  • STEINERT WDS wet drum magnetic separators

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For recovering magnetite and ferrosilicon from heavy solutions or iron ore at grain sizes between 1µm and 3 mm

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