STEINERT.waste recycling solutions

STEINERT offers intelligent solutions for waste recycling that improve plant efficiency and profitability through innovative technologies and processes. With a combination of powerful hardware and advanced software, we enable our customers to optimise their sorting processes and maximise resource recovery.

Intelligent Plant.Commissioning: Fast commissioning of large plants

Commissioning large recycling plants can be a time-consuming and complex task. With Intelligent Plant.Commissioning from STEINERT, even large plants with more than 50 NIR sorters can be commissioned efficiently and smoothly. Thanks to a central spectral database and a simple calibration function, the entire plant can be adapted to local conditions at the touch of a button. This solution offers several advantages: shorter commissioning times reduce costs and optimise staff deployment. In addition, the single calibration provides improved stability against environmental influences and ensures optimal performance and comparability of all machines.

  • Efficient commissioning of large installations
  • Centralised spectral database and easy calibration
  • Reduced commissioning times and optimised staff deployment

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Intelligent Condition.Monitoring: Continuous monitoring for improved performance

STEINERT's Intelligent Condition.Monitoring enables permanent and centralised monitoring of the condition of the entire plant. Early detection of malfunctions, such as the accumulation of certain individual objects in the circuits or anomalies in the cutting pattern of pre-shredders, can shorten reaction times to error or malfunction messages and threshold violations. Continuous monitoring increases plant uptime and availability. Downtime and stoppages are reduced, resulting in increased performance and reliability of the entire plant.

  • Continuous monitoring of the plant
  • Early detection of faults
  • Increased uptime and availability

Intelligent Remote.Monitoring: Mobile monitoring for rapid response

With STEINERT's Intelligent Remote.Monitoring, plant operators can monitor the condition of their plant at any time and from anywhere. The mobile solution enables early detection of malfunctions, such as the accumulation of certain individual objects in the circuits or anomalies in the cutting pattern of pre-shredders. Continuous monitoring enables rapid detection and resolution of error and malfunction messages and threshold violations. This shortens response times, increases plant availability and improves the mobility of personnel, who no longer need to be permanently on site. STEINERT's Intelligent Remote.Monitoring also offers the possibility of connecting different systems and integrating systems from other manufacturers via an open interface. In this way, complex systems can be optimally monitored and controlled.

  • Mobile plant monitoring
  • Faster response times and increased availability
  • Integration of different plants and systems from other manufacturers

Intelligent Object.Identifier: AI-based object recognition for sophisticated sorting tasks

STEINERT's Intelligent Object.Identifier uses artificial intelligence to reliably identify and sort even difficult-to-recognize objects. This AI-based object recognition is particularly suitable for challenging sorting tasks where conventional methods reach their limits. One example is sorting silicone cartridges from a stream of polyethylene. While the outer wall of the cartridges is made of recyclable PE, silicone residues inside can contaminate the recycled product. The Intelligent Object.Identifier reliably detects the cartridges based on characteristic optical features, enabling them to be separated. This innovative technology enables sorting tasks that were previously not economically viable. AI-based recognition stabilises the sorting process and significantly increases sorting performance. This allows material streams to be processed more efficiently and higher recycling rates to be achieved.

  • AI-based object recognition
  • Identification and separation of difficult items
  • Stabilises and increases sorting performance

Intelligent Remote.Update: Remote software updates

STEINERT's Intelligent Remote.Update functionality not only provides software updates, but also allows new or updated databases, sorting programmes and functions to be remotely uploaded to individual machines or the entire plant. It is also possible to adapt the software to specific customer wishes and requirements. New applications can be learned and existing processes continuously improved. By networking with STEINERT development centres, plants can benefit from new developments and improvements without the need for on-site personnel. Software updates can be easily applied remotely, minimising downtime. This intelligent remote maintenance solution increases responsiveness to changing material compositions and requirements. At the same time, it reduces manpower requirements as maintenance and adjustments can be carried out regardless of location. Plants are always up to date and operators benefit from a high level of investment security.

  • Remote software updates and customisation
  • Reduced downtime and improved responsiveness
  • Permanent up-to-dateness and high investment security