STEINERT Boomerang

STEINERT Boomerang – for extreme requirements in the separation of tramp iron

Ideally adapted to the material flow: the most powerful manual overhead suspension magnet with a net weight of 43 tons

We have conceived our STEINERT Boomerang manual overhead suspension magnet for separating disruptive tramp iron and coarse parts like rods and excavator teeth from ores or coal with large mass flows. Such disruptive parts can be sometimes very dense or have sharp edges and must be removed as they can cause major damage to conveyor belts, grinding machines or other procedural system components in the course of further processing.

The STEINERT Boomerang is therefore hung in the discharge of a conveyor belt pulley. There its characteristic shape permits it to ideally follow the material flow's discharge parabola. This optimises the sortable material's length of stay in the magnetic field and maximises the extraction of magnetic parts.

The oil-cooled electromagnet in our effective manual overhead suspension magnet generates extremely strong and extensive magnetic fields, which are designed especially for wide conveyor belts at high transport speeds. A material throughput of 8,500 t/h in coal handling can for instance be achieved on wide conveyor belts at high transport speeds and with large layer thicknesses.

The magnetic separator weighs 43 tons and has a power consumption of 64 kW. We offer you special mobile cranes to retract the magnetic separator from the material flow for the removal cycle. Here the magnet separator is swung briefly away from the separation area and switched off to allow the extracted iron to fall into a separate discharge chute. The magnet is subsequently returned to its starting position and the sorting cycle can begin again.

Your benefits:

  • Tramp iron and separation of coarse parts in mining
  • Housing shape ideally adapted to the material flow
  • Removal cycle required
  • For wide conveyor belts with high conveyor speed and layer thicknesses at extreme throughput

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Application areas

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Industrial mineral sorting

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Coal sorting

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Tramp removal sorting

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