STEINERT US Test Center offers testing for various configurations of recycling equipment.  The multi-million dollar facility allows customers to test various configurations of equipment to quantify resource recovery based on differing input materials.  Typical Test Center customers include those from the scrap, waste, recycling and mining industries.  Last year, our team tested more than 196 tons of material for our customers. 

The STEINERT US Test Center team works with you to put together equipment trials designed to test your real-world applications.  Customers are welcome to attend the tests in person or our team can run the tests on their own.  Each test is clearly outlined and you will receive a final report within days of the test concluding. 

Our Lab also showcases our Mobile Resource Recovery Plant options.

  • 3 separate sorting lines for the metal recycling, waste recycling and mining industries
  • 9 sorting machines in the metal sorting line
  • 7 special-purpose machines for particularly fine granulation
  • 200 m conveyor belt
  • 200 kW compressor capacity (can be enhanced to 360 kW)
  • 20 m³ air per minute
  • Over 35 staff members
  • 3,500 m²
  • 7 km from main site in Cologne

The cost of using the STEINERT US Test Center is based on the type of test and material used and is refunded with the purchase of STEINERT equipment. 

CONTACT US to schedule your material in our Test Center.

Phone:    +1 (800) 595-4014


Inauguration of the new Test Centre’s metal sorting line

STEINERT's steady growth has made it necessary to relocate. From now on, the new Test and Development Centre is located at Otto-Lilienthal-Strasse 13, 50259 Pulheim, Germany.

The increased capacity at the new site makes it possible to run more tests and react more quickly to customer demands and challenging applications. By merging three different divisions (metal recycling, waste recycling, mining), test and development engineers benefit from a mutual exchange and the most recent STEINERT technology, such as the STEINERT LSS | LIBS line sorting system and the STEINERT CHUTEC multi-sensor chute sorting system.

In addition to metal and mining sorting lines we are currently also creating a waste sorting line with cutting-edge NIR sorting technology for complex trials in elements including post-consumer packages and commercial waste.


Technologies installed: magnet separator and sensor-based sorting like x-ray transmission (XRT)

Technologies installed:
sensor-based sorting like x-ray fluorescence (XRF)

Opening Show 22.9.2020

Short Overview

Aftermovie digital live opening of the new STEINERT Test Center