UniSort BlackEye

UniSort BlackEye – sorting of bulk materials

UniSort BlackEye – effective sorting of dark objects by plastic type using HSI

UniSort BlackEye is the logical development of our HSI technology. STEINERT camera-based technology is used here too. The difference to the standard HSI camera lies mainly in the observed frequency range.

The motivation for our advanced new solution was that previously it was only possible to a limited extent to sort black or dark materials by type. The strong absorption behavior of black materials meant the reflected spectra for standard NIR systems were not clear enough to derive a classification by type of material.

An option not dependent on colour was density separation, or separation based on electrostatic properties. Yet both separation methods have significant limitations. Electrostatics requires very homogeneous and dry materials. And density separation cannot distinguish between PE and PP.

Although it is precisely these two polymers are very interesting with regard to recycling quotas. Quantitatively most packaging is firstly made of PE and PP and should thus also be specifically detected and made available in sorting systems. And secondly there is a very wide range of applications for granules made of PE or PP. There is moreover also a very large proportion of black polyolefins used in the automotive sector.


Our UniSort BlackEye has the ability for instance to separate light and dark polymers from each other. As is the case with the UniSort Finealyse, material mixtures of equal size (50 / 50 fractions) can be separated in one sorting stage. The UniSort BlackEye also features a low level of over-sorting as it has the same design as the UniSort Flakes.


The highly effective UniSort BlackEye STEINERT sorting unit will separate your bulk materials in the 10–40 mm fraction range. It consists of a feed and dispensing device with a material hopper, an acceleration conveyor belt, a containment hood and a compressed air nozzle bar.

Your benefits:

  • The UniSort BlackEye organises darkness: sorts black plastics by type
  • Low over-sorting
  • Conveyor belt system (no slide)
  • Fraction size: 10-40 mm
  • Programmable for different sorting criteria
  • Accurate detection of position and discharge


Fact Sheet UniSort BlackEye

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