Permanent magnetic drum separator for a variety of applications – the STEINERT MTP

Our STEINERT MTP features superb robustness and efficiency in application options

In addition to their rugged construction, the worldwide success of STEINERT magnetic drums is justified in particular by their high magnetic field evenly distributed across the full working width.

Several versions are available for different separation tasks – for the separation of coarse materials through to fine materials up to less than 1 mm.
Magnetic drum separators with permanent magnets are generally used for the separation of iron from medium coarse to fine bulk materials. The arrangement and the inner magnet system are selected according to the processing goal.

Traversing operation is especially suitable for an optimum level of iron extraction, since a maximum amount of the sortable material is led to the magnetic field. It is important in turn to realise especially high magnetic forces at the surface of the drum for the best possible separating effect.

The STEINERT MTP S generates these strong holding forces using a disc-shaped magnet system, which uses the same polarity in the direction of rotation. The semi-circular radial poles are arranged axially side by side. This enables an even field with high holding forces to be generated along the circumference of the drum in the supply direction. The magnetic drum's diameter in the case of a traversing drum is usually selected in light of the grain sizes to be sorted, whereas the working width depends on the required throughput.

We recommend the extraction arrangement using a STEINERT MTP Q if the focus of sorting is rather to achieve a high level of iron product purity. Its transverse pole drum has multiple poles positioned parallel to the drum's rotation axis. The magnetic field pattern is constant over the width of the drum and alters in the direction of rotation. A first strong transverse pole produces a far-reaching magnetic field and is especially suitable for extraction. Further transverse poles ensure the subsequent removal of the excavated iron product.

The correct application point specific to the material can be configured exactly on all magnet systems.

For more demanding tasks requiring particularly high magnetic forces, we can supply you with your own versions with enhanced magnetic poles and high-quality neodymium-iron-boron magnets. STEINERT magnetic drum separators are available according to requirements in either open or enclosed housings – if necessary also with an integrated feed chute. We also offer you our STEINERT MTP as a combination separator even in compact combinations, for instance as an attachment to a non-ferrous metal separator, the STEINERT MOH, or in conjunction with a rotary magnetic belt separator, the STEINERT MSB.

Your benefits:

  • MTP = permanent magnetic drum separator
  • Available radial pole or axial pole depending on requirements
  • For medium-coarse and fine bulk materials
  • Working widths: 350 mm – 2,000 mm
  • Diameter: 300 mm – 500 mm

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Application areas


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