Overhead suspension magnets with electromagnets produced in-house using a tried-and-tested design

Overhead suspension magnets with electromagnets produced in-house using a tried-and-tested design

STEINERT UME electromagnetic overhead suspension magnets are characterised by their extremely strong and far-reaching magnetic fields. The magnetic field is particularly strong in the centre of the magnet and has a distinct penetration. Ferrous parts are thereby reliably captured, even when working with deep layer material. These magnets featuring high belt speeds and large belt widths have proven themselves around the world for decades.

STEINERT UME units have a comparatively low power-to-weight ratio due to their special ANOFOL coils made of anodised aluminium strip. ANOFOL coils are not sensitive to temperature and fill virtually the entire magnetic separator volume thanks to their rectangular and compact design. A maximum amount of heat is transferred to the outer wall, making a dry design without an oil fill possible. Most overhead suspension magnets of this kind do not have active air cooling. By comparison, the disadvantage of round coils is that the magnetic separator housing is sometimes only partially filled and they therefore have a shorter and narrower magnetic field, thus requiring more cooling.

Tramp iron like screws or rods must be reliably removed at very high throughputs when treating minerals. In response to these demanding requirements, STEINERT provides overhead suspension magnets with enforced aeration, which actively and directly cool the coils or housing. This delivers the best possible separation results at large working distances.

It goes without saying that we also supply suitable and efficient rectifiers and controllers alongside special discharge belts with wear protection, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and other options. The electric overhead suspension magnets can be operated with metal detectors so that the magnet is only switched on when required and the power is further increased using excessive excitation.

STEINERT UME units are available in working widths from 75 cm to 180 cm and subject to model also as an ATEX version.

Your benefits:

  • UME = electromagnetic overhead suspension magnet
  • Extensive magnetic field for extraction operation
  • Self-cleaning
  • Without oil filling with passive or active air cooling
  • Working widths of 750 – 1,800 mm



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