STEINERT MP range – Discover the convenience of Mains Power electromagnets

The STEINERT MP range provides easy magnetic separation at low cost and without a separate controller under extreme conditions

The STEINERT MP range is unique among the overband magnets or manual overhead suspension magnets. This magnetic separator is equipped with electro-magnets but does not require a costly controller with large rectifier. Your advantage: it can be connected directly to the main power supply, which allows extremely fast commissioning and also saves space because no control cabinet of any kind is needed.

Our STEINERT MP range is supplied both as self-cleaning overhead suspension magnets with circulating belt and also as pure extraction magnets with manual removal. The magnetic separator can thus be arranged both hanging laterally above the belt as well as longitudinally above the conveyor belt's head pulley.

Removal has to be performed manually with the version from the STEINERT MP range being a manual overhead suspension magnet. In this case the magnetic separator has to hang on a mobile crane, which can be driven laterally to the drop position. The separated ferrous parts will then fall into an appropriate collection container if the electromagnet is turned off there. The magnetic separator then has to be returned to its starting position and the cleaning cycle can begin again.

The STEINERT MP range is therefore the ideal solution for simple sorting tasks. You also benefit from special ease of maintenance, reduced installation costs and high operating reliability even under extreme climatic conditions.

The built-in electromagnets consist of coils manufactured from anodised ANOFOL® aluminium strip. These coils feature passive cooling in a closed system and are thus very energy efficient.

Your benefits:

  • MP = mains power manual overhead suspension magnet
  • Self-cleaning or with a manual removal cycle
  • No separate transformer required
  • Direct connection to a 3-phase power supply
  • With passive oil cooling

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Application areas

Ore sorting

Sort waste rock and ore with low concentrations from the process at an early stage, in order to save energy and resources and to unlock more enriched ore more effectively.

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Stockpile treatment with ore sorting

STEINERT sorting systems let you process low-grade stockpiles effectively.

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Industrial mineral sorting

STEINERT sensor sorters are fitted with colour cameras and lasers or near-infrared (NIR) systems with hyperspectral imaging (HSI) to identify surfaces with amazing accuracy.

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Tramp removal sorting

Overhead suspension magnets reliably remove tramp iron from bulk materials. They thus protect crushers, grinders and other processing plant from wear and damage.

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