UniSort Finealyse®

Sorting bulk materials

Excellent sorting of fine grains by colour

Our UniSort Finealyse is a sorting unit for separating bulk materials (e.g. metallic bulk materials or granulate) in the grain range of 3 to 20 mm. It consists of a feed and dispensing device with a material hopper, an acceleration conveyor belt, a discharge hood and a compressed air nozzle bar.

The sorting unit is equipped with a high-resolution and highly selective colour detection unit: the UniSort Finealyse C.

The UniSort Finealyse C is ideally suited to metal recovery in cases where copper granulate needs to be cleaned or mixed non-ferrous metals need to be separated by colour. When sorting copper from separating table processes or from cable recovery, extremely high levels of purity are achieved, delivering a product which can be used again. Highly sensitive colour detection is used to separate brass or lead from the copper.

The material is passed through a feed and dispensing device and lands on the integrated conveyor belt. The feed material is accelerated by a high-speed belt and pressed onto the belt using the active object control (AOC) system developed by us at STEINERT – and is held in a stable position even after leaving the belt. This effective stabilisation helps to steady even the smallest objects on the belt in a controlled manner and keep them in the calculated position on the parabolic trajectory after leaving the belt.

Whilst the sortable material flows through the detection area, the corresponding sensor detects the colour and the exact position on the conveyor belt. The controller then activates the correct nozzles at precisely the right time and position. The nozzle bar is arranged above the material flow and shoots from top to bottom. Detected foreign particles are then extracted accurately and with low material loss by a targeted blast of compressed air. The sorted fractions can be transported to the next processing stage on material discharge conveyors.

Your benefits:

  • Low over-sorting
  • Conveyor belt system (no chute)
  • Fraction size: 3-20 mm
  • Programmable for different sorting criteria
  • Accurate position detection and discharge
  • Modular structure for sorting plastics and metal


Fact Sheet UniSort Finealyse

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