The STEINERT UMP permanent overhead suspension magnet convinces by its cost-optimised performance

Compact and cost-optimised – the STEINERT UMP for semi-mobile or stationary applications

UMP permanent overhead suspension magnets from STEINERT have been successfully deployed for decades, mainly in semi-mobile systems – anywhere where electricity is scarce or short working distances are required. Our STEINERT UMP offering therefore extends from small, compact magnetic separators for semi-mobile use up to large magnetic separators, which can be equipped with permanent magnets adapted to the sorting objective for a cost-optimised system solution. Permanent magnets are very energy efficient, since they do not require cooling. The belt can moreover be changed nowadays without having to disassemble the entire sorting machine. The actual magnet in the UMP is very powerful due to its special structure and specific manufacturing method.

Multi-pole designs facilitate the extraction of light ferrous parts and assure reliable iron capture. Long parts are picked up on the belt and even difficult ferrous parts are attracted from a great distance. The latest generation enables deployment in locations where electromagnets still had to be used until recently. STEINERT supplies working widths from 60 to 130 cm and working lengths up to 200 cm.

  • UMP = permanent overhead suspension magnet
  • Particularly energy-efficient given its low power consumption
  • Compact designs available for semi-mobile deployment
  • Cost-optimised magnet selection for stationary applications

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