Reliably sort all metals with the STEINERT ISS® induction sorting system

Produce residual material containing no metal and recover residual metals with the STEINERT ISS® – and at the smallest grain sizes in metal recovery: STEINERT Fines ISS®

The STEINERT ISS® induction sorting system is the perfect addition to magnetic sorting and eddy-current separation for recovering residual metals from a mix of materials. It is especially suitable for stainless steels and composite materials such as cables or circuit boards. It can be deployed with a focus on producing recoverable metal concentrates, such as zurik or a stainless steel fraction. The aim of treatment may however also be to produce a metal-free residual fraction containing less than 1% metal in order to meet acceptance qualities, e.g. in the production of recovered fuels. Both tasks are the core applications of the STEINERT ISS®.

Our induction sorting system includes an acceleration belt on which the sortable material is transported through the detection area while at rest. Under the conveyor belt, there is a modern inductive metal sensor that produces an electromagnetic field. Any conductive object passing through the sensor area is detected at a sensitivity of significantly less than 1 mm. Following detection and classification, the metal part to be sorted is deflected from its trajectory using a targeted blast of compressed air and is ejected from the material stream.

Sensors for all eventualities
Depending on the requirements of the application case, sensors are available with a coarse or fine resolution resulting from the coil diameters used. We also provide two different types of sensors that can also be selected depending on your specific application. As an all-metal separator for simple applications, such as producing a residue containing no metal, the tried- and-tested all-metal separator offers great value for money and meets all requirements. However, if more complex tasks require more elaborate signal capture and interpretation, we can provide the ARGOS metal detector equipped with a combination sorting system controller. The purely digital sensor combines conductivity detection and image processing, thereby improving the sorting result because the sensor provides more accurate information about all particles detected. The sophisticated view of the inductive metal signals enables enhanced sorting, for example, sorting between stainless steels, cables and circuit boards. Our STEINERT ISS® operates in a grain size range from 1 mm to 200 mm and is available in working widths from 600 mm to 3,000 mm.

For especially small grain sizes
The STEINERT Fines ISS® represents a special design option of the induction sorting system optimised for the grain size range from 1 mm to 20 mm. The STEINERT Fines ISS® meets the ever increasing demand for metal separation systems in small grain sizes down to less than 10 mm. Shredder fractions in these grain sizes usually contain large amounts of fine copper wires that cannot be accessed using eddy-current separation. Recovering these small metal particles from the residual shredder fraction may therefore be an interesting feature for shredder operators. In the STEINERT Fines ISS®, we have therefore coordinated all machine elements to the fine grain range. For example, the jet of compressed air for deflecting metal parts out of the discharge occurs from top to bottom to take into account the higher air resistance of small particles. The very first STEINERT Fines ISS® sensor sorting systems were successfully used in shredder operations. In the meantime, the STEINERT Fines ISS® has also proven its worth in other areas, such as the separation of metal from combustion ash in substitute fuel power plants and metal separation in the process of sorting PET flakes in plastic recycling. We supply our STEINERT Fines ISS® in working widths of 1,000 mm and 2,000 mm.

  • ISS = induction sorting system
  • Proven technology for separating all metals
  • Two sensor types with different resolutions to adapt to your specific scenario
  • special STEINERT Fines ISS® for fine-grain sorting

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