STEINERT Australia was the joining of two well-known magnetic separation companies a world apart from each other - Sturton Gill Engineering in Australia and STEINERT GmbH in Germany...

Founded in 1968, Sturton-Gill Engineering was known for its complete range of magnetic products primarily to the mining industry.  These included overhead suspension magnets, pulleys and magnetic drums. STEINERT acquired the operations of the Sturton-Gill company in Australia in 2004 marking an important step towards establishing a worldwide customer network as STEINERT Sturton-Gill Magnetics (SSGM). Continuous research and development of existing products as well as the introduction of new innovative products became the strength of the company and SSGM was the hub for all mining applications within the STEINERT Group.

In 2009 it was decided to drop the SSGM tag. Under the new name STEINERT Australia Pty Ltd, we became one of the leading magnet manufacturers and suppliers of the latest sensor sorting technologies in the Asian-Pacific region, supplying both waste & recycling industry and to the mining industry.

STEINERT Australia today
STEINERT Australia’s headquarters on the east coast of Australia, Melbourne-based Bayswater, has the manufacturing facilities for all of the magnetic separation requirements it is known for, as well as supplying the latest in sensor sorting equipment from Germany. 

STEINERT Australia also has a Western Australian test centre that provides sensor sorting technologies for the mining regions around Australia, alongside our long-standing magnetic separation agent on the west coast – Sanwest.


STEINERT Australia Pty. Ltd.
14 Longstaff Road
VIC 3153, Bayswater

Phone: +61 3 8720-0800
Fax: +61 3 8720-0888

Western Australia

STEINERT Australia (WA)
Test Centre & Sensor Sorting Sales
6/34 Barberry Way
Bibra Lake  WA  6163

Phone:  +61 8 6454 5860