Separating heavy metal scrap into different metal types in just one step with the STEINERT LSS (Line Sorting System) | XF (X-ray Fluorescence)

Paradigm shift initiated – with the STEINERT LSS

The quantity flows of sortable material become ever shorter as sorting depth increases. If the separation of several products in just one sorting step is required, changeover times and the effort for material handling can be massively reduced. Our STEINERT LSS line sorting system was designed for this very purpose and makes it possible for multiple product fractions to be sorted in just one step. The conveyor system specifically designed by STEINERT means that all of the objects pass through the detection zone lined up one behind the other and then through a series of side discharges.

The STEINERT LSS | XF is equipped with two detection systems, comprising X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and 3D detection. The XRF technology allows the elementary composition of a material to be identified, making it particularly well suited to sorting heavy non-ferrous metals into different metal types. The STEINERT LSS | XF allows a heavy metal concentrate to be separated directly into various metal types, such as copper, brass and zinc, in one sorting step.

  • LSS - line sorting system
  • Separate heavy metals according to type into pure copper, brass, zinc by means of X-ray fluorescence
  • Increase the sorting depth
  • Create multiple products in just one sorting step

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