Better sorting of minerals – using the STEINERT NIS near infrared sorting system

More efficient separation of kimberlite from waste rock.

The combination of precise near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and resilient equipment for the demands in mining and other applications involving bulk materials makes our STEINERT NIS the optimal solution for sensor-based sorting in harsh ambient conditions. The NIR camera system deployed is based on the current UniSort series with hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology. The HSI camera achieves a high optical resolution of 3–8 mm in combination with a very high spectral resolution.

The advantages of the highest local and spectral resolution are the ability to reliably detect even small objects and record the complete spectral range with a high depth of detail. When combined with high-speed sorting algorithms this results in sustainable solutions – even of complex sorting tasks. A wide range of application possibilities is a direct consequence of the high level of technical development in HSI technology. The software used for evaluation is an in-house STEINERT development, thus permitting the highest flexibility in adapting to the sorting task and to individual customer needs.

The machine design is based on those resilient versions of STEINERT sorting systems that we have optimised for particularly harsh ambient conditions. The STEINERT NIS is primarily suitable for the processing of industrial minerals. It enables the handling for instance of products like fluorite, feldspar, limestone, phosphate and quartz.

In waste processing the STEINERT NIS is used with demolition waste, for example – to separate plaster or organic components like plastics, wood or paper and generate a clean mineral fraction.

Our STEINERT NIS is suitable for a grain size range from 10 mm to 250 mm and achieves a throughput of up to 100 t/h per metre of working width depending on deployment conditions.

  • NIS = near infrared sorting system
  • Sorting using spectral information in the near infrared range
  • Resilient design for use in harsh ambient conditions and with heavy bulk materials
  • Working widths: 1,000 mm – 2,000 mm

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