Our STEINERT KSS | XT CLI combination sensor sorting system – the all-in-one with XRT (x-ray transmission)

The multi-sensory response to increasingly complex requirements in material separation

We have harmonised four sensor systems in this combination sensor sorting system. Two optical sensors provide colour and three-dimensional shape information, the inductive sensor detects metals and differences in density are detected using x-ray transmission.

The logical combination of multi-sensory data collected for each individual object enables a wide variety of tasks to be covered by just one sorting machine. This combination is therefore frequently used as a stand-alone solution integrated into a processing concept – significantly expanding the sorting depth even for smaller mass flows. Customised equipment and programme creation are mandatory.

The combination of x-ray transmission (XRT) and 3D enables an additional evaluation of object characteristics and makes our system less sensitive to great differences in the sortable material.

The STEINERT KSS | XT CLI is a combination of:

C = colour detection
L = laser (3D detection)
I = inductive sensor
XT = x-ray transmission

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on which sensor combination and which application-specific designs are best for your application.

  • Additional evaluation of object characteristics in density sorting
  • Increase in sorting depth
  • Solution of different sorting tasks by an all-in-one machine
  • Can be used in online or batch mode

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