STEINERT KSS | CL colour sorting system: high-precision detection of colour differences

Utilise surface colour differences with the colour sorter from STEINERT

Our STEINERT KSS | CL colour sorting system is equipped with an RGB line scan camera and 3D detection. Up to 16.8 million colour values can be distinguished. Here the colour information for the sortable material is recorded line by line and combined with the 3D information determined by laser triangulation. This results in a topographical colour image of each object on the fast-running conveyor belt.

After detection, the individual objects are categorised into material classes based on individually defined characteristics criteria. This then leads to a sorting decision.

Typical areas of application for colour sorting are the separation of non-ferrous heavy metal concentrates in copper, brass and grey metals or the sorting of industrial minerals.

And expansion to include additional sensors is naturally available as an option, since the STEINERT KSS | CL is a combination sensor sorting system.

  • KSS | CL = combination sensor sorting system with colour camera and 3D detection
  • Single object evaluation at high throughputs
  • Sorting using colour information and shape factors
  • Working widths: 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm, 3,000 mm

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