Overhead suspension magnets for mobile applications

The magnet reliably separates ferrous metals, for example from timber

STEINERT UMP permanent overhead suspension magnets have been providing successful solutions for decades – wherever electricity is in short supply and working space is limited. The STEINERT UMP MOVE model range is the latest addition to the permanent magnet family and is available in widths of 450 mm and from 600 mm up to 750 mm. Their overall height and variable length are particularly suitable for mobile applications. Permanent magnets are very energy efficient, since they generally do not require electric magnet blocks. Ideally for mobile applications, the belt is driven by a hydraulic motor. The belt can be changed without dismantling the entire sorting machine. The actual neodymium magnet is very powerful due to its specific structure and special manufacturing method. The neodymium alternating-pole magnet system with ensures reliable separation of ferrous materials. Even awkward and heavy ferrous parts are attracted over a great distance. The STEINERT UMP MOVE is particularly well suited to applications where space is tight and where the unladen weight of the sorting machine is limited.

  • UMP - permanent overhead suspension magnet
  • Optimised, compact design for integration into mobile machines
  • Hydraulic drive for mobile applications 
  • Neodymium alternating-pole magnet system for a powerful, far--reaching magnetic field
  • Wherever working space is tight and the unladen weight is limited

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