Whenever you need user support or technological assistance, STEINERT US is there for you.

Focused on customer satisfaction, our North American production department repairs all products to the factory specifications. We also offer extensive Service Agreements, with technicians trained to work on your specific equipment, and preventative maintenance programs like our Rotor Exchange Program. 

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STEINERT US Parts & Service

At STEINERT US, our excellent customer service doesn't end when your equipment is delivered. It marks the beginning of a reliable partnership. Our global service network is available to help you with spare parts, training or maintenance at any time.

Spare Parts 

STEINERT US keeps an inventory of most-used parts to minimize your downtime and reduce costs of emergency repairs. We offer quick shipping and competitively priced components. Our STEINERT certified service team members use only original OEM parts and we offer a one year warranty on all spare parts.

STEINERT also offers specific parts programs including our Rotor Exchange Program.


Simplify your sourcing by using STEINERT for both parts and service. Our certified service technicians can provide machine upgrades, repair or rebuild worn-out components and offer suggestions for system improvements. STEINERT technicians are also instrumental in training your employees, whether on new equipment you’ve just purchased or via our STEINERT University program. With service technicians throughout North America, STEINERT is the name to trust in servicing your magnet and sorting units. 

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Steinert Rotor exchange program

Receive a fully refurbished rotor with STEINERT’s Rotor Exchange Program. Designed to minimize downtime and save money, there is no need for you to stock spare rotors at your facility. STEINERT stocks the equipment and creates a low-cost alternative to purchasing a brand new rotor.

Supported Rotors:

STEINERT Eddy and STEINERT EddyC®  NES 150 6119 (7) 
STEINERT Eddy and STEINERT EddyC®  NES 200 6119 (7) 
STEINERT Eddy NES 250 6109 (6)
STEINERT Eddy and STEINERT EddyC®  NES 200 61197 (7) 4T
STEINERT Eddy and STEINERT EddyC®  NES 150 5009 (6)
STEINERT Eddy and STEINERT EddyC®  NES 200 5009 (6)
STEINERT Eddy and STEINERT EddyC®  NES 100 5005 (5)
STEINERT Eddy and STEINERT EddyC®  NES 150 5005 (5)


STEINERT Service Agreements

STEINERT’s Service Agreement is a preventative maintenance program customized to your needs, is less costly than making emergency repairs, and can be set up at any time not just with new purchases. Saving you time and money, we schedule maintenance on your machines and address any issues before components wear out. We can also make sure you have all the current software backups needed to run your machine efficiently. Not only does this reduce downtime, but it extends the life of your equipment. 

Each Service Agreement is customized to your needs, but standard agreements include: 

  • Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly site visits from a STEINERT certified technician
  • Immediate survey of all STEINERT equipment on site, including all serial numbers and manuals, equipment condition support for each unit, and recommendations for maintenance, applications and spare parts
  • Immediate backups of PLC Eprom, PC and FC drive parameters
  • 5% discount on all spare parts and service calls for the duration of the Service Agreement
  • Pay by-the-month with no long-term commitment

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STEINERT US provides technical training programs to support our magnetic separation and sensor sorting machines through our STEINERT University. Led by top engineers and service technicians, attendees are taught how to improve materials recovery, reduce downtime, and be experts on STEINERT equipment. 

Training courses are available at your site with your STEINERT equipment, or at our US headquarters in Walton, Kentucky and are only open to current STEINERT US customers. It may include practical classroom training, hands-on lab work, or a combination of the two.

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