The stationary STEINERT OHSM separates out tramp iron, even under extreme ambient conditions

Stationary, oil-cooled STEINERT OHSM manual overhead suspension magnets

Electromagnetic STEINERT OHSM manual overhead suspension magnets are used to remove tramp iron efficiently and effectively in extreme deployment conditions, primarily in mining.

The manual overhead suspension magnets can thus hang longitudinally above a head pulley in the supply direction or at a fixed working distance laterally above the supply flow. The magnet withdraws ferrous parts from the supply flow and retains them during operation. Once the underside of the magnet is full, the electromagnet on a mobile crane has to be driven away to the side to the discharge point and switched off. The extracted ferrous parts will then fall into a discharge chute or collection container provided by the customer. The magnet can subsequently be driven back to its starting position and sorting operation can begin again. We at STEINERT can supply you with motorised or manual mobile cranes for optimally coordinated processes at up to 45 t load.

Electromagnets from STEINERT are characterised by their extremely strong and extensive magnetic fields. This makes them an ideal solution in the worldwide processing of ores and coal.  Here tramp iron like screws and rods must be reliably removed at very high throughputs.

The pronounced depth effectiveness of our electromagnets means that tramp iron can be reliably collected even from deep layer thicknesses. These magnets have proven themselves for decades even at high belt speeds and large belt widths. Here the special design of the STEINERT OHSM, with coils made of anodised ANOFOL aluminium strip and an oil filling, provides consistent and efficient cooling – and even the risk of a burnt coil is significantly reduced. The coil design also results in a maximum number of windings with a simultaneously compact design. An external expansion vessel is not required for the cooling liquid. Passive cooling may be sufficient for smaller sizes as needed, whilst we equip large series with a heat exchanger as active cooling. This enables a performance increase of up to 15%.

The conventional rectifier has also been replaced in the high performance magnets series by the "MagDrive" controller that we developed jointly with ABB. Using ABB DC drives thus enables significant reductions in the time taken to switch the electromagnets on and off. Electric manual overhead suspension magnets from STEINERT can also optionally be operated with metal detectors, so that the magnets are only switched on when required and power can also be increased using excessive excitation. Or you rely on the "permanent retention" system: here permanent magnets are installed in addition to the electromagnets ensuring that tramp iron already excavated does not return to the sortable material, for instance in the event of a power failure. Stationary STEINERT OHSM units are available with working widths from 750 mm to 3,000 mm and working distances of up to 900 mm.

Your benefits:

  • OHSM = overhead suspension magnet
  • Oil-cooled for extreme ambient conditions
  • Stationary for batch removal in the case of low tramp iron volumes
  • Various versions of mobile crane available
  • Optionally with permanent retention

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