News 09/22/2020

STEINERT – leading supplier of recycling sorting systems – joins R-Cycle

STEINERT GmbH – market leader for the supply of magnetic separator and sensor sorting systems – is joining the R-Cycle consortium. Recycling plants all over the world use STEINERT systems for the automatic detection and sorting of recyclable materials in complex waste streams and return them to the value chain.

This is the exact purpose of the R-Cycle initiative which is based on an open and globally applicable standard to trace plastic packaging along the life cycle. The goal is to provide and pass on information to the complete value chain. This information is essential to recycle plastic products, among other things. Part of this chain is the precise identification of packaging in order to process the resulting recyclate to produce a wide variety of high-quality plastic products. Identification uses techniques such as digital watermarks which are incorporated in the print image of the packaging for sorting systems to read. The aim of R-Cycle is to permit cross-company data transfer and provide all the relevant recycling information on each packaging.

Peter Funke, CEO of STEINERT GmbH, explains: “Our advanced sensor sorting systems are already capable of detecting and selecting a wide variety of recyclable materials with extreme precision for further recycling. The R-Cycle concept is based on new principles that focus on the increasing use of digital product information. We are looking forward to contributing our expertise to the development process."

Dr. Benedikt Brenken, Director of the R-Cycle Initiative, adds: “We are delighted to have STEINERT on board as another important partner for our initiative. It will allow us to test and optimize the essential interface between data generation and data usage. The basis for a functioning circular economy can only be achieved if the packaging and the recycling industries collaborate on a joint approach.”