News 11/20/2015

Robust and safe recovery of diamonds using STEINERT x-ray diamond sorting technology

Precious stones like diamonds need special sorting requirements. So the STEINERT XSS T (X-Ray transmission sensor sorter) was adapted to the STEINERT XTS sorter.

STEINERT developed this sensor-based sorting solution to produce more gemstones like diamonds at less opex.

Waste rock sorting as a pre-concentration process for kimberlite diamond operations was never used in conventional diamond processing plants. Current kimberlite ore bodies tend to be more contaminated with barren waste rock. It has thus become more pertinent to implement efficient and cost effective waste rock sorting processes to improve diamond recovery and prevent damage, which traditional processes continuously experience.

STEINERT provides innovative solutions for rough-diamond final recovery sorting using x-ray transmission (XRT) sensor sorting technology. Early in the process diamonds are recovered via the STEINERT XSS T, a high-capacity sorter.

It recovers the diamonds before the next crushing stage which could potentially damage diamonds. This coarse size diamond recovery process eliminates the need of an expensive density separation pre-concentration process.

Our final recovery for diamond sorting – the STEINERT XTS sorter - provides perfect diamond detection and recovery at high throughput rates. These automated sorting systems provide hands-off solutions which is vital for the strict security standards required in diamond recovery sorting houses.