News 07/17/2020

Novo Resources acquired STEINERT KSS Sensor Sorter for field tests

STEINERT is pleased to announce that NOVO Resources have acquired a 1m wide STEINERT KSS | XT CLI sensor sorter to be installed at their Purdy’s Reward / Comet Well operation.

This sorter will be used to field test feed material from the Purdy’s Reward, Comet Well and 47K exploration areas. This sorter is currently being manufactured in Cologne, Germany, and will be completed in 12 weeks, ready for delivery.

Novo also plans to utilise this sorter to test field exploration samples delivered from its other projects including Egina. The field test work will be designed to better understand gold grades, measuring the extent and location of mineralized conglomerate units. The field tests will also be used to evaluate mechanical sorter gold recovery at production throughput rates at various sorted size fractions and provide crucial input concerning operating cost.

Previous test work conducted with the STEINERT KSS | XT CLI sensor sorter proved to be extraordinarily successful recovering free gold nuggets smaller than 1mm. 

The STEINERT KSS | XT CLI machine that will be installed at Novo’s site will include Colour (C), Laser (L), Induction (I), and X- Ray transmission (XT) sensors in the one machine. STEINERT’s KSS (combination sensor sorter) can operate using a single, multiple, or all four sensors in various processing combinations. The combining of information from all the sensors simultaneously, can be used to give the client endless options for sorting program development and utilisation.

The Novo sensor sorter will include a fines metal inductive camera capable of detecting and identifying small gold nuggets to high precision. The sorters X-Ray transmission system is fitted with STEINERT’s latest generation, High Resolution Scanner which, together with Steinert’s latest image processing software, is at the forefront of development for this type of application. The combination of these two scanners can pinpoint and eject the smallest of nuggets, even when they are not fully liberated from the host rock.

STEINERT’s Australian headquarters are located in Melbourne and is complemented by the Perth office and Test Facility in Western Australia, where customers can test various size samples under conditions that very closely match real life scenarios. Customers also benefit directly from implementing the very latest findings and developments in tried and tested STEINERT sorting technologies, including X-Ray Transmission, High Resolution X-Ray Transmission, Laser, Colour, Induction, Near Infrared and High-resolution colour machines. 

Service engineers operate from both locations to ensure we can assist and respond to client needs promptly. Both locations also hold stock of critical spare parts, for further customer peace of mind. STEINERT AUSTRALIA would like to thank Novo for their decision to use the STEINERT technology during this exciting stage of their project, and we look forward to a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

For any further information on STEINERT’s equipment and capabilities in the Oceanian region, please contact us at +61 3 8720 0800 or

Additionally to the mentioned test facilities in Australia, Steinert also operates test facilities in Germany, in the USA and in Brazil. Contact: