News 02/18/2015

Improve on the functionality of existing magnet control with STEINERT

STEINERT manufacture a range of tramp removal magnets in a variety of sizes to suit various recovery applications.

Traditionally a transformer-rectifier converts AC to DC current to power the magnets. STEINERT MagDrive  - using ABB DC drives and HMI technology  - is the latest innovation to replace the existing transformer rectifier control cabinets.

Via a dedicated R&D team, STEINERT together with ABB, have developed a new way of controlling these magnets, allowing for a faster more flexible process of the ‘powering up’ (and down) of electromagnets.

The complicated ‘dump’ process of permanent retention magnets is now a thing of the past. The task can now be completed with solid-state switching and software – automatically. It cannot be tampered with, which makes it infinitely safer.

Why the MagDrive will work for you:-

  • The installation of the HMI and DC drives can increase performance and reliability
  • Magnetic field strength can be adjusted “on-the-fly”
  • Ongoing local and global service support
  • More accurate capabilities through modernisation of magnet control
  • Time to reach full magnet strength has been reduced dramatically
  • Touchscreen now allows fully-automated adjusting of field strength and trends temperatures and current

Find out more or call to arrange for a demonstration on +61 3 8720 0800