News 06/04/2018

IFAT 2018 – Customers appreciated new stand concept and new digital presence.

For the first time, the services of the sorting specialist STEINERT were presented purely in digital form. The semi-transparent screens, called OLED displays, at the entrance of the stand, transported the new STEINERT website and allowed a clear view of the exhibition stand.

STEINERT welcomed customers from 45 countries, with 2/3 of waste sorting and 1/3 of scrap processing demand. Issues such the packaging and commercial waste regulations and the China Ban require profitable sorting technology. Based on the requirements of the customers, STEINERT is well prepared for these demands with its portfolio of proven magnet technology and sophisticated sensor sorting technology. In metal processing, machines were sold for the separation of alloys. The LIBS technology (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) is primarily designed for use in the sorting of aluminum scrap and produces high-purity products in heavy / light metal sorting. Also for the novelty STEINERT EddyC MOVE, the new mobile non-ferrous metal separator, STEINERT booked the first sales at the fair.

STEINERT can look back on a history of more than 125 years. Established in 1889 in Cologne, this family-owned company is one of the world leaders in the field of magnetic separation and sensor-based sorting. STEINERT has 300 employees and generates an annual turnover of about €100 million. In addition to 50 sales partnerships and joint ventures around the globe, the company has subsidiaries in Germany, Australia, the USA and Brazil.

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