Compact machine protection with the permanently magnetic STEINERT AMP extraction separator

Cost-optimised protection against coarse ferrous parts

STEINERT AMP permanent overhead suspension magnets are built similarly to the permanently magnetic STEINERT UMP overhead suspension magnets. However, these manual overhead suspension magnets do not have a circulating belt and are therefore not self-cleaning. This necessitates a manual removal cycle in which the magnetic separator has to be briefly swung away from the separation area and the separated ferrous parts then manually removed. The magnet can then be placed back in its starting position and the sorting cycle will begin again.

This type of extracting magnetic separator provides a cost-optimised solution for separating tramp iron or impurities that occur only occasionally. Extraction magnets are generally suitable for low iron volumes of coarse parts. Our STEINERT AMP units operate completely without electricity and are thus ideal for mobile use or ambient conditions that are difficult to supply with electricity. Single-pole versions ensure a large field extension that even enables you to recover difficult ferrous parts at a great distance. Multi-pole versions in turn reliably raise long parts, since these land on the underside.

  • AMP = permanent separator magnet
  • Manual removal cycle required
  • Energy efficient as there is no power consumption
  • Without oil filling with passive air cooling

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