Online seminar series

Present and Future of Waste Recycling

What to expect:

Join us for our 30-minute online seminars where expert speakers cover the latest developments in plastics recycling, wood recycling and magnetic technology for waste recycling. Each presentation is followed by a Q&A session to answer your questions.


Session 1: The Many Futures of Plastics: Chemical & Mechanical Recycling  – 14.06.2023 / 11:00 CEST
Session 2: Sorting Pure Wood - 21.06.2023 / 11:00 CEST
Session 3: Magnetic Technology for Waste Recycling - 28.06.2023 / 11:00 CEST

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Your benefits in brief:

  • Insights into the latest recycling methods and technologies
  • Overview of STEINERT's innovative waste recycling solutions
  • Case studies highlighting the successful implementation of these solutions


As the recycling industry continues to evolve, advanced technologies and innovative methods are becoming increasingly important for efficient and sustainable waste management.

Seminar 1: The Many Futures of Plastics: Chemical & Mechanical Recycling
Host: Patrick Lindweiler
Discover the world of chemical and mechanical recycling, the role of pre-sorting and the benefits and limitations of chemical recycling. Learn about the importance of a robust pre-sorting system and how STEINERT solutions have helped customers develop new processes and fundamentals.

Seminar 2: Sorting Clean Wood
Host: Björn Lövenich

Explore the importance of wood recycling and the different methods used to sort and process wood waste. Understand the different types of wood, their unique challenges and advanced wood sorting techniques, including a customer example of the most innovative approach.

Seminar 3: Magnetic Technology for Waste Recycling
Host: Andreas Jäger

Learn about magnetic technology and its applications in waste recycling, the benefits it offers and the different types of magnetic technology used in the industry. Gain an insight into STEINERT's unique position as a magnet and sensor supplier and how it enables customers to stay ahead of the competition.

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Your Hosts

Patrick Lindweiler

Björn Lövenich

Andreas Jäger