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Experiences and developments in the digitalisation of the waste recycling industry

What to expect:

In 45 minutes, STEINERT UniSort Managing Director Hendrik Beel will explain the experience of ten years of data-based waste sorting and the resulting developments. Afterwards he will answer your questions.


English: February 26, 2021 / 09:00 am CET / 1 hour
German: February 26, 2021 / 11:00 am CET / 1 hour

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Your benefits in brief:

  • Background on STEINERT UniSort Technology
  • Overview of STEINERT Intelligent Digital Solutions for waste recycling
  • Insight into realised connected projects


There is a call for larger, more complex sorting facilities as a result of greater financial pressure, stricter requirements based on the legally required recycling rates and the materials in material flows comprising multiple layers. Facilities which are well utilised, easy to monitor and quick to maintain are absolutely essential for smooth-running and economically viable sorting processes. Data is considered the answer to previously unsolved challenges in the recycling industry.

Increasing demands due to legally required recycling quotas, multi-layered material compositions in the recyclable material streams and increased economic pressure require larger, more complex sorting plants. Plants that are well utilized, easy to monitor and quick to maintain are indispensable prerequisites for a smooth and economically efficient sorting process.

During this online seminar, you will learn more about Hyper Spectral Imaging technology, which forms the data-based foundation of STEINERT UniSort's connected solutions, and how it makes Europe's largest sorting plants manageable. Practical examples will be used to demonstrate how STEINERT has worked with its customers to develop solutions for highly efficient sorting systems. Starting with simplified commissioning, through monitoring to control of sorting plants, this online seminar offers a comprehensive insight into STEINERT's Intelligent Digital Solutions for waste recycling and the path to a sustainable circular economy.

Your Host

Hendrik Beel

Managing Director

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