News 04/06/2020

STEINERT presents new UniSort Film: NIR sorter for films, paper and fibres with innovative belt cover

The new UniSort Film EVO 5.0 offers an extensively redesigned stabilisation system with intelligent airflow for sorting lightweight 2D objects and maintenance enhancements for high availability and operational reliability.

A whole host of detail improvements in maintenance have been adopted from the UniSort PR EVO 5.0 sister model, such as dynamic calibration and automatic white balance. The complete solution for 2D sorting also offers new belt coverage, making it easier to access machines with minimum downtimes. Similar to the mechanics of a garage door, it can now be easily folded. Service hatches and ventilation plates are easy to reach and clean from maintenance access points. This ensures a high level of sorting purity in the long term, while optimising personnel management.

HSI technology augmented by mechanics developed for 2D objects
A targeted airflow right at the beginning of the sorting process – before the material to be sorted reaches the conveyor belt – ensures an even, overlap-free distribution of objects over the complete belt width. Synchronising the flow with the belt speed ensures a stable position on the belt, thereby enabling material to be detected and sorted reliably via the high-resolution hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology. A specially developed sealing airflow makes sure the 2D objects are held in an ideal position and sorted reliably, even after leaving the belt. This unique design produces an air circuit that reduces emissions while ensuring resilience.

The EVO 5.0 model generation is synonymous with consistently advanced development focussing on high availability and operational reliability. This is also true of the UniSort Film EVO 5.0 and enhances performance long-term in daily operation.

Conserving resources together
The path towards a circular economy spanning the globe is not an easy one. From the responsible extraction of primary raw materials and political restrictions through to technological hurdles, gigantic obstacles need to be overcome. STEINERT is keen to assist its customers in this mission as a friend and know-how partner, equipping them with the cutting-edge technologies they need to stay ahead. Together we can push back the boundaries of what is feasible to produce ever purer secondary raw materials.