Michaela Kessemeier

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Strong magnets for improved recovery and separation of stainless steels in material recovery processes.

The STEINERT MSB HG rotary magnetic belt separator is a versatile enhancement of the well-proven STEINERT MSB for recovering stainless steel content...

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Best practice @ Remondis. STEINERT shares its knowledge to the benefit of company groups at home and abroad.

These days, a company that offers solutions does more than constructing machines. Sorting specialist STEINERT is closing 2018 with Best Practice...

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New Distributor Announcement: TTM – Tecnología enTransporte de Minerales

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with TTM – Tecnología en Transporte de Minerales. Effective from October 1st 2018,...

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The "Rhine Clean up" campaign protects the oceans from more than 160 tons of waste every year. STEINERT employees committed to this campaign - and tackle the ocean garbage.

Packaging waste, various plastics, discarded plastic ice-cream spoons, lots of glass, crown caps and even more cigarette stubs lie on the shore and...

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