Efficient separation of fine micro-grain, weakly magnetic particles using the STEINERT HGS

Preparation of free-flowing bulk materials using extremely strong magnetic fields.

Systems are operated around the world using the STEINERT HGS in salt treatment plants, the construction industry and for other industrial minerals. The main areas of application for this high gradient magnetic separator is the dry processing of mineral raw materials such as sand, ore, coal, salt, rare earth elements and ceramic raw materials. The requirements for purity of these materials have been growing continuously for years and sorting technology must comply with this development. The STEINERT HGS not only fulfils the purpose of separating magnetic impurities, but also the recovery of inherently valuable heavy minerals. Ferrous minerals are frequently only paramagnetic. They require high gradient magnetic fields for separation – just like those in the STEINERT HGS.

Our high gradient magnetic separator has a modular design and can be deployed in multiple stages in a machine as a cascade. The material is fed via a feed chute. Each module consists of a short stretch of belt that continuously feeds the sortable material to the head pulley. Special design and the latest permanent magnet materials ensure ultra-high field gradients and field strengths up to 20,000 Gauss.

The structure enables processing of grain sizes from around 0.2 mm to around 10 mm. And our STEINERT HGS high gradient magnetic separator also relies on the latest state of the art technology in terms of selectivity, ease of use and durability of all components.

Particular attention during construction was therefore paid for instance to a reliable belt guide and rapid belt change, among other things. Moreover, working widths up to 150 cm, belt thickness from 150 µm for maximum field strengths, a precision splitter for highly selective separation and up to three working stages are all possible. Throughput can be up to 5 t/h per metre of working width subject to prevailing deployment conditions.

  • HGS = high gradient magnetic separator
  • Separation of weakly magnetic materials
  • Ideal for the fine grain range from 0.2 to 2 mm
  • Working widths: 500 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,500 mm

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