STEINERT MRB – for high extraction of ferromagnetic metals

Compact, two-stage magnetic separation

With the STEINERT MRB you achieve high-value material extraction of ferromagnetic metals in the fine grain range. Our two-stage magnetic separator therefore combines a STEINERT MTP extracting magnetic drum with a STEINERT MSB traversing magnetic pulley. Whilst the former generates valuable scrap iron, the magnetic pulley in the second stage separates weakly magnetic components that represent impurities in downstream processes and can have a negative impact on process quality or the quality of the sorted product.

The special feature of the STEINERT MRB lies in the compact combination of two proven magnet separators into a single unit – without additional supply routes and transition points. We also succeeded in optimising the material feed by abandoning the use of unnecessary conveyor technology. An upstream, weak-field magnetic drum initially extracts fine, clean iron from the material flow. The residual fraction from the first magnetic stage passes via a discharge directly onto a downstream, fast-running magnetic separator equipped with strong neodymium permanent magnets. The high supply speed significantly loosens the material flow and all weakly magnetic impurities – like ferrous dust, clumps or fluff – can easily be removed by the magnetic head pulley. Your advantage: you can reduce the volume for downstream processes, such as eddy-current sorting or shredding processes, by up to 30%.

  • MRB = magnetic separator with channel and belt
  • Compact, interface-free system with proven individual components
  • High belt speed for loosened material and reliable extraction of impurities
  • High yield of ferrous metals
  • Working widths: 1,000 mm, 1,500 mm, 2,000 mm

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